Externships in USA and UK

Externships in USA and UK

Hundreds of International Medical Graduates, from various countries including India, have completed the IMG externships through us in the United States and United Kingdom. The IMGs rotate and learn Side by side with U.S. and UK medical students and residents. These IMGs later apply for residency placements in the US and UK through the NRMP and MRCP programs respectively to become practicing physicians in every field of medicine.

Externships in core specialties:
1Family Practice
4General Surgery
5Internal Medicine
6Obstetrics & Gynecology

Externships in elective specialties:
1Infectious Disease2Radiation Oncology3Neurosurgery
4Nephrology5Neuromuscular Radiology6Plastic Surgery
7Hematology & Oncology8Peer Review Research9Cardiothoracic Surgery
10Immunology & Allergy11Emergency Medicine 12Vascular Surgery
13Gastroenterology14Urgent Care 15Colorectal Surgery
16Neurology17Sleep Medicine18Pediatric Surgery
22Rheumatology23Orthopedic Surgery24Rep Endocrinology (IVF)
28Pulmonology29Urology30Otolaryngology (ENT)

Duration: 4 - 12 Weeks

The duration for each externship rotation can be between 4 – 12 weeks based on the speciality/sub-specialty and can be customizes based on the choice of the international medical graduates.
  • Contact us for custom guidance on available clinical externships in various teaching hospitals in your preferred state or city in US or UK
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